Wild Healing - Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, & ReWilding

What is Group Therapy?

Group Psychotherapy recognises humans as fundamentally social beings.

Family is our first group where we develop ways of being and identities. We evolve throughout life, embedded in groups of many shapes and sizes, all within cultural and ecological contexts.

Group psychotherapy is a fruitful way of exploring your relationships within groups. The therapy group will reflect the nature of groups in your life, and you'll have the opportunity to strengthen your sense of yourself personally, and feel to more integrated with your community, family and social network.

**If Group therapy appeals to you, please make contact and we will arrange to meet, without charge, to talk through what you are hoping for and what you can expect from the process.**

How does Group Therapy work?

This therapy group will have 5-8 people attending weekly 90-minute sessions. It is a long-term, open-ended process aiming at in-depth personal change.

Group members bring all sorts of life experiences to process together, often difficult or traumatic. The therapy group becomes a supportive environment, through the sharing of feelings and experiences. You will see yourself through the eyes of others and notice familiar patterns of relating, thinking, and feeling.

Your growth and development emerges through exploring and experimenting with new ways of being, in the mutually open space of the group. The group will also be a place for discovering and enabling your creativity and aspirations. 

Benefits of Group Therapy

Emotional support - giving and receiving empathy, understanding, and compassion builds a supportive environment which encourages open sharing.

Self-awareness - exploring your thoughts, feelings and ways of relating grows your capacity for self-reflection

Learning from others - you'll learn a lot from the insights and perspectives of others' experiences.

Developing new Skills - group members can encourage and support each other in experimenting with new ways of relating.


 ** Group therapy is uniquely transformative and more affordable - see the Fees page for further information **